Does the paint zoom Sprayer really work?

Okay so you’re probably reading this because you’ve seen or heard about the Paint Zoom sprayer and you want to know – does it really work? Is it worth the money or should you just stick to good old fashioned paint brushes and rollers? Well let me tell you in this day and age technology and modern inventions have made it a lot easier to stick to the saying work smarter not harder, and frankly who am I to go against it? Seriously, who wouldn’t like to take away some of the hard labor when having to deal with doing the exasperating task of having to paint a room? Let’s discuss this a little further with a full paint zoom review.

One of the main selling points of the Paint Zoom is it’s portable design with a 650 watt motor make your job as a nonprofessional painter a lot less stressful. Using this product you will receive the benefit of taking on painting like a color slanging, perfect layering pro. Paint Zoom consumer reviews rave that the small size of the paint zoom does wonders for your arms and back, not tiring you out before your job is complete, try doing that with your standard paint brush!

Another good note is that the Paint Zoom in fact yields a nice, even spray on your target. That sounds like a pretty easy task but if you’ve ever took a paint brush or roller to any surface you know that this is harder than it sounds! No more too thick layers on your wall or coverage that is spread too thin. Also the Paint Zoom makes those hard-to-reach-with-a-brush-or-roller areas a problem of the past. There will be no more missed areas such as corners, grooves, indentions, or crevices. What a relief that is! It’s good to know that once you apply your paint the job is done – you don’t have to worry about missed spots and reapplying after your surface has already dried.

So your question is does the Paint Zoom really work? Yes it does, of course. But that doesn’t mean go out and try to paint your whole house and your neighbors with it! The Paint Zoom does exceptionally well with small jobs such as rooms, cabinets, staining, fences and the like. It’s also a money saver because you will get the professional paint job you want without the professional costs. The small size is convenient and made for toting around and the cleanup is about as easy as it gets when it comes to painting. The thing is that with most products the consumer expects the holy grail of merchandise but for some reason it always fails to meet their high expectations. Be realistic, it won’t hurt you. If you want a high quality looking paint job with do it yourself capability for around the house projects then yes, the Paint Zoom is for you. Expect nothing more nothing less. The Paint Zoom sprayer is a good investment and I’m sure you will get more than enough usage from it, just remember to keep it simple silly!